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Couvoirs Rhamna

The company Couvoirs Rhamna was created in 2010 to support the development of the group in the poultry industry through the hatching segment

Significant investments have been made in basic infrastructure (parent stock farms and hatcheries) and in the biosecurity system, to achieve production objectives and enable the supply of our partner customers.

After more than a decade of activity, the company is now positioned on the market as a major player in the hatchery sector in Morocco with a product of recognized and irreproachable quality and a high level of technical support service.


In 2011, the partnership with the company, HYLINE a world leader in laying genetics, allowed the creation of the largest laying hatchery in Morocco, with high-performance genetics, innovative technology and technical support service.

Thanks to the process of vaccination and beak trimming from the first day, our laying hens show less signs of stress in their environment.

The layer business is based on 3 large parent stock farms with a total capacity of 135,000 breeders, and a hatchery with maximum, and hatchery with a maximum capacity of 200,000 pullets per week.


Always in an approach of excellence and continuous growth, we maintain a good relationship with the worldwide suppliers of broiler genetics Cobb 500 and ROSS 308.

Since 2010, our broiler hatchery receives daily hatching eggs from the 7 parent stock farms of the group.

Today the group has one of the largest broiler chick production hatcheries in Morocco, with a total capacity of 850,000 chicks per week. An extension is planned to bring the production to 1,200,000 chicks per week by 2023.