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We supply high-quality commodity products to all sister companies as well as to wholesalers, milling companies, feed mill plants and also to farmers in Morocco.


Development of trading grains center in 2003.

Its objective is to centralize and secure sourcing for all the group’s industrial units, to optimize costs and to supply all the group’s companies as well as wholesalers, millers, feed meals and farmers in Morocco.

CASAGRAINS concentrates the import, trading and storage activities of cereals and derivatives, such as wheat, barley, corn, beet pulp, and soybean meal with a storage capacity of 16 silos of 3000 tons each.

Today and thanks to the synergies developed by the company with the most important actors of the feed sector, Casagrains is positioned as the main supplier of raw materials for the poultry sector in Morocco.

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In order to acquire storage autonomy, the group acquired in 2014 one of the largest trading and storage platforms for raw materials in Morocco with a capacity of more than 120,000 tons.


  • Durum wheat
  • Milling wheat
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Soybean meal
  • DDGS
  • Sunflower meal
  • Wheat bran
  • Soy hulls
  • Corn Gluten Feed
  • Colza meal


Through its two entities CASAGRAINS LOGISTIQUE and DAILY DISTRIBUTION ensures the daily presence of all products of the group at its retail customers, wholesalers, supermarkets and partners on time.

The trading compagy CASAGRAINS carries out most of its import operations through the port of Casablanca. A good portion of deliveries to customers is made directely from the port.

Optimizing port logistics and customer deliveries is one of the keys to success of commercial operations. The company CASAGRAINS LOGISTIQUE and DAILY DISTRITION was created in 2008 to meet this crutial need.

The companies are specialized in the transportation of imported raw materials such as wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, sunflower, etc., from the entry ports to various mills and factories within the group.

They also provide transportation services for finished products from all group companies to end customers throughout the Moroccan territory.

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CASAGRAINS LOGISTIQUE currently has 79 road combinations, well-maintained tractors with an average age not exceeding 45 years, to cover all the needs of our group, which requires a continuous flow of incoming and outgoing logistics 24/7.

DAILY DISTRIBUTION offers transport solutions for the group. With several years of successful experience in industrial transport, DAILY shifted its focus towards transport and distribution for the group (industrial chains: food, flour, semolina, couscous, pasta), as well as vehicle rental with drivers, for example.

Today, DAILY Transport boasts high-quality logistics expertise and flexibility, enabling us to tailor our services to fit all of our projects.

Whether it’s group transportation, distribution routes, truck with a driver (flatbed trucks, semi-trailers, dump trucks, and cargo vans, supported by a team of 40 professional drivers and delivery personnel), DAILY DISTRIBUTION offer a range of solutions to meet our specific needs.