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Africa Feed & Food is one of the major actor in the grain and poultry industry promoting investment and export in Africa.

“Over the years, our employees, customers, partners and suppliers have, each in their own way, marked our history and contributed to our development. I would like to thank them warmly for their support and loyalty”

The President, Ahmed Chermati

Our group has managed to build and consolidate a significant economic heritage and pursue its growth in a highly competitive environment. With its 13 companies operating across five business sectors, the modern, structured, and dynamic family group now occupies a privileged position among the elite of the country’s major industries. Since the creation of its first entities, the group has successfully faced the evolving economic demands of its time by adapting to changes and anticipating future challenges.

We made the strategic choice of diversification and integration by participating in key activities in the grain and poultry industry and related activities, while integrating the majority, if not all, of the links in the chain. Today, we continue to pursue our investment policy in promising industries while remaining open to new challenges that respect the values we have set for ourselves.


High-quality services to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and sustainability.


Customized products by developing innovative research and production methods, by using our own technologies.


Throughout an integrated value chain that allows us to transform food through sustainable solutions and fulfill quickly and effectively our clients & partners needs.