Broiler & Layer Farms

Continuous growth ensures the sustainability of our poultry industry of each type of Breeder, Broiler and Pullet farms. The first farm started in 2018 and ensures the production of 100,000 chickens per band. Other farms are planned for the very near future. In addition, the group already has two chick farms, for the rearing of […]


WE PURSUE OUR STRATEGY OF INTEGRATION WITH OUR PROJECT OF CREATING A MODERN AND HIGH CAPACITY SLAUGHTERHOUSE FOR MEAT-TYPE POULTRY “ABATTOIRS EDDIK” SCHEDULED TO BE OPERATIONAL IN 2025 Our group has finalized all the technical studies for the creation of a large industrial poultry slaughter complex, with the aim of integrating the production of our […]


Couvoirs Rhamna The company Couvoirs Rhamna was created in 2010 to support the development of the group in the poultry industry through the hatching segment Significant investments have been made in basic infrastructure (parent stock farms and hatcheries) and in the biosecurity system, to achieve production objectives and enable the supply of our partner customers. […]