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Pioneer in the agro-food sector and leading barley exporter in Morocco KHAIR AL JANOUB Mill was Founded in 1989 in an area of 4800 m² in the industrial zone of Ain Sbaa.

KHAIR AL JANOUB is an industrial mill transforming DURUM WHEAT, BARLEY and CORN into finished products and exporting semolina and flour to Middle East, USA & Canada.

Since then, the company has continued to grow and diversify its activities in the agro-food sector.

KHAIR AL JANOUB, the first unit of its kind in Morocco with production lines for barley, durum wheat and corn, has quickly become recognized for its know-how, the quality of its products and its wide range of flours and semolinas based on durum wheat, barley and corn.

KHAIR AL JANOUB Mill is still adapting its production to the different needs of its customers, with a daily production capacity of 60 tons for barley, 100 tons for durum wheat and 40 tons for corn delivered in quality and time with a storage capacity of 7000 tons.

Up to now, Khair el Janoub offers special products such as husked barley and crushed barley under the Brand name of Khoulala.

Production Capacity

Tons Of Barley Per Day
Tons Of Durum Wheat Per Day
Tons Of Corn Per Day

Storage Capacity


Durum Wheat Products

Coarse durum wheat semolina
Fine durum wheat semolina
Finot extra durum wheat
Extra durum wheat flour
Durum wheat flour
Crashed durum wheat
Shelled durum wheat


Coarse barley semolina
Fine barley semolina
Barley flour
Shelled barley
Crushed barley
Barley bran
Baking semolina


Corn semolina
Corn flour