We supply high-quality commodity products to all sister companies as well as to wholesalers, milling companies, feed mill plants and also to farmers in Morocco. CASAGRAINS Development of trading grains center in 2003. Its objective is to centralize and secure sourcing for all the group’s industrial units, to optimize costs and to supply all the […]

Animal Feed

MANUFACTURING OF POULTRY AND LIVESTOCK FEED EDDIK is one of the major players in the animal nutrition sector in Morocco. Through its two industrial feed plants based in the Berrechid region, the company has one of the largest feed production capacities in the Kingdom with more than 600,000 tons as annual capacity. Both plants are […]

Broiler & Layer Farms

Continuous growth ensures the sustainability of our poultry industry of each type of Breeder, Broiler and Pullet farms. The first farm started in 2018 and ensures the production of 100,000 chickens per band. Other farms are planned for the very near future. In addition, the group already has two chick farms, for the rearing of […]


WE PURSUE OUR STRATEGY OF INTEGRATION WITH OUR PROJECT OF CREATING A MODERN AND HIGH CAPACITY SLAUGHTERHOUSE FOR MEAT-TYPE POULTRY “ABATTOIRS EDDIK” SCHEDULED TO BE OPERATIONAL IN 2025 Our group has finalized all the technical studies for the creation of a large industrial poultry slaughter complex, with the aim of integrating the production of our […]


Couvoirs Rhamna The company Couvoirs Rhamna was created in 2010 to support the development of the group in the poultry industry through the hatching segment Significant investments have been made in basic infrastructure (parent stock farms and hatcheries) and in the biosecurity system, to achieve production objectives and enable the supply of our partner customers. […]

Corn Mill

We carefully select the best quality corn grains to produce premium corn-based products and ensure that we deliver products that meet customers’ expectations. Our milling procedure is designed to retain the corn’s inherent flavor, texture, and nutritional benefits, guaranteeing products of exceptional quality and uniformity. We foster close collaborations with our clients, taking the time […]

Milling Wheat

We take pride in our milling wheat process, which is carried out in our two state-of-the-art mills: Nouvelle Hadid Mill and Imandy Mills. Our milling process involves carefully selecting the highest quality milling wheat grains to produce premium quality flour. Our mills are equipped with the latest technology and operated by a team of skilled […]

Durum Wheat Mill

Three major mills provide a whole range of durum wheat. Semolina is a coarse flour made from durum wheat and is a key ingredient in many popular food products, such as pasta, couscous, and semolina bread. The process of durum wheat milling involves cleaning and conditioning the wheat, grinding it into a fine powder, and […]

Barley Mill

At our BARLEY MILLS, we take pride in the quality of our milling process to produce the desired texture and consistency We believe that quality starts with the finest ingredients, which is why we carefully select only the highest quality barley grains for our milling process. Our team of experts takes great care in every […]

Poultry Industry

POULTRY INDUStRY - Africa Feed & Food

Since 2009, the group continues its mobilization in the poultry sector and invests in modern facilities and nutritional solutions. In order to pursue the development of its poultry sector within the framework of South-South cooperation, the group is turning to export and investing in Africa, first in Mali and Mauritania. The support to customers and […]