Africa Feed and Food - History

You will often be called a Dreamer before seeing the Visionary in you. Hajj Mohamed ESSALHI, Founder It is the story of a man who has always believed in innovation and who knew how to revolutionize his market. He began with a traditional mill that crushed local and imported barley to produce barley semolina and […]

How We Work

HOW WE WORK - Africa Feed & Food

Our vision is based on strong ethical values.
We are committed to offering our clients a high quality experience.
Our corporate strategy is based on Expansion and Integration.

Who We Are

Africa Feed & Food is one of the major actor in the grain and poultry industry promoting investment and export in Africa. “Over the years, our employees, customers, partners and suppliers have, each in their own way, marked our history and contributed to our development. I would like to thank them warmly for their support […]